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Irrigation Protocol

Pre Installation:

After we connect via phone or e-mail, we will agree on a date to produce a quote for you.


During the assessment we will find your outdoor water source and design your system.  A detailed report will be sent to you ASAP containing the projected system design illustrated zone by zone so you understand the full value we are providing.  Attached to this report will also be our best quote for your job.

We are open to working with other contractors in the case of a complete outdoor living remodel keeping note of sensitive dates.

The next step is deciding on the best installation date for you and achieving any necessary call before you dig information.

It is installation day.  


Our team tactically trenches your lawn for under ground piping and sprinkler head installation with maximum efficiency.  The grass is excavated carefully in these trenched areas for a seamless refit, while dirt is moved to one side for a clean backfill.


Once all heads and lines are fit, the system is connected to the valves and the valves are connected to the main line.  The valves will then be electronically wired to the irrigation timer, which is set in a convenient place for you.  

The main line will then be pressurized for a test and the system will be calibrated as sprinkler heads rise.  The sprinkler system timer will be set based on the microclimates of each zone and the current weather conditions expected on a macro level.

Thanks for your business!


We will reach out to you a few days and a few weeks after installation to ensure satisfaction.


Affinity Irrigation is here for the protection of your investment.  Spring openings, seasonal adjustments and fall blowouts are all required upkeep of your system.


Any maintenance on the system will be billed.  

Post Installation:
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