Affinity Irrigation originates from the core belief that everything in nature is harmonious. 

   Through the hustle and bustle of the city, the sense of harmony can be lost.

     We are here to ensure your landscape boasts health and prosperity year round, so you can be proud to represent a harmonious ecosystem in your neighbourhood.

“Bringing harmony to the urban landscape“
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We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service while providing a professional perspective start to finish.  

We are the threshold where skill meets passion.

With over 10 years in irrigation experience, we are trusted to keep your landscape lush and refreshed.

“Living in harmony with nature is essential to nourishing our soul and feeling more balanced and joyful in our lives.“  - Felicia DèHaiti


Irrigation Installations

   We take pride in delivering a quality service at competitive prices.  Our installations boast premium hardware matched with experience in execution and design. 

   Our goal is to preserve nature and to make it looks as if we were never there, while your landscape becomes equipped for its' nourishment.


Landscape Lighting

   Bring your outdoor living space to life at night by adding premium landscape lighting.  This is not Home Depot outdoor lighting.  This is a commercial grade product designed to highlight your landscapes best features, while providing a level of security for your home.  High quality and highly efficient LED bulbs are used so you will not have to worry about replacing bulbs.  All of this on a WIFI timer, fully accessible from your smartphone.



French Drains

   The job entails diverting water flow away from the homes foundation.  
   We will dig 2-3 feet down ensuring a strong grade so water flows in it’s intended direction.  
   The drain will flow into an underground 3” PVC pipe with perforated holes that lays on a 1-inch bed of gravel.
   The pipe will be wrapped with landscape cloth to ensure no dirt or unwanted material will block perforated holes, but still allowing flow of water to pass.
   Gravel will be filled on top to fully cover the pipe.
   Air vents will be installed.

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