Why An Irrigation System?

It's no secret that a well landscaped property is vastly more attractive than a property that is less maintained.

A Canadian poll says that you are 80% more likely to use your outdoor living space if it is well landscaped. A similar study says homebuyers believe it is essential to have an outdoor living space.

It's with this information that I propose to you that we as humans have an overwhelming affinity to nature and outdoor living.

The value of an outstanding landscape combined with a sprinkler system design by Affinity Irrigation goes beyond affinity, it will help your bottom line resale value.

An irrigation system is instrumental in maintaining the outdoor aesthetics of your investment by keeping your grass green and your flowers vibrant all season long. An automatic sprinkler system is your ticket to boosting curb appeal while increasing property value and protecting the native landscape of your property.

These systems are designed to be completely automated to nourish your landscape providing an abundance of water, as required by seasonal weather. There is no waste, over watering or under watering with a professionally installed irrigation system.

You know that neighbour who always has golf green like grass?

There is an efficient sprinkler system installed on that property.

No irrigation? Big problem.

Our Canadian summers are getting hotter. What happens to a person in direct sunlight on a 30+ degree day with no hydration? Now think about your grass.

Vegetation needs to stay hydrated in order to à prosper. The main cause of yellow, patchy grass is the result of unsaturated soil below. If your lawn is dehydrated, it will show. Not only is this hurting your property's value, but also your entire neighbourhoods value. It is important to feed your landscape as it is your most valuable asset.

You may be thinking about the use of a manual sprinkler, however that may do more harm than good. Watering times and water distribution can be inconsistent.

Also, a manual sprinkler is primarily used during waking hours. Use at this time will cause your vegetation to be exposed to the sun's rays while wet. The sun will then use this water as a microscope resulting in burnt or damaged vegetation.

The sun at it's peak is harmful to wet vegetation!

Irrigation systems in the GTA have been gaining popularity. In abundant areas, it is more common to see a system installed than not to see a system installed. The convenience factor combined with the practicality and now lower cost on parts for installations created the perfect storm for the irrigation industry to take off in Toronto.

Through commitment and consistency in executing sprinkler jobs over the years, I have never seen somebody regret the decision to install an irrigation system.

Start to envision the dynamic strength your landscape will posses after an upgrade from Affinity.

-Affinity Irrigation, 2019

Bringing harmony to the urban landscape

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