Professional Irrigation Installation


                                     will customize an irrigation system tailored to the needs of your existing landscape and architectural layout.

     We will provide an aerial-view blueprint of the system demonstrating all unique aspects of zones and sprinkler head placements.

     Zones will be designed to achieve maximum water efficiency by grouping sprinkler heads with those of a similar watering agenda.  

     Head to head coverage by design will ensure equal part watering across your entire property.


     Every sprinkler will be completely underground, rising only when called upon to do so. 

     A Smart Controller will be the brain of the system allowing for user friendly adjustments to your desired watering schedule.

   Adjustments to the controllers watering schedule will be based on soil make up, hours of sunlight per day and precipitation in season.

     A Rain Sensor will complement your system, allowing you to bypass unnecessary watering cycles when the weather is inherently wet, all hands free.

    Enjoy the convenience of mastery in system design by Affinity Irrigation.  


“Bringing harmony to the urban landscape“

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